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Why context matters

In a mobile world we know the context of viewers and listeners

In 2018 mobile video accounted  for more than 50% of all video plays and yet customers find the experience completely sub-optimal.
In a mobile world we know the context of viewers and listeners.
sourse gives us the opportunity to understand the customer context their buying context and the best chance to capture their attention. In a mobile world it's possible to know when to speak and what to say to each customer.


With sourse you've got total customer context. 

You’ll know when to speak for maximum impact and that will

make the difference between eyeballs and attention.

sourse is the platform that makes context 100% actionable

sourse is an engagement and monetisation platform for telco, media and consumer brands that makes customer context traceable and 100% actionable.
Our globally patented technology deploys machine learning (ml) and artificial intelligence (ai) on a mobile device to learn from device signals, software signals, customer behaviour and click pathways. This learning populates our engagement algorithms to infer context (such as boredom, commuting, prime time) so that brands know what to say, how to say it and when to speak. 
Once the context is known the sourse platform delivers content or advertising for maximum impact targeted to an individual customer.

If you know when you have attention your message will have maximum impact.