The sourse platform

 sourse makes context traceable and 100% actionable.

The sourse platform is a modular platform combining leading edge artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml), templated apps and web experiences, media management, pre-built integrations and media capability.


The platform targets the challenges that advertisers and content owners face in this noisy, always on, always connected mobile world we live in: declining customer engagement, low ROI, poor discoverability, disloyalty and the ability to monetise audiences and content.

sourse ai

Patented on-device ai and ml to learn and predict contextual behaviour

  • Insights and analytics: Collect, analyse and visualise context from software signals, device signals, customer behaviour and click paths.

  • Prefetch and deliver: Optimised content fetching, caching and delivery using high impact customer moments.

  • Personalise and recommend: Implicit recommendation engine using metadata and context for targeted, contextual recommendations.

  • Action: Deeplinking into transactions or more immersive content with traceability and attribution for reengagement.

sourse apps

Templated native and web experiences for OTT apps

  • PPV and subscriptions:  Live and catch up content delivered with fully functioning monetisation workflows.

  • Live and catch up play out: Live streaming, video on-demand, podcasts, clips and audio content delivered via web and native apps.

  • White label templated apps: HTML5 mobile responsive web app, iOS and Android apps for mobile and tablet.

  • Premium features: Premium features available to support casting, social integration, ai and ml based recommendations and delivery.

sourse media manager

Digital delivery system for live and on-demand content

  • Digital delivery and aggregation Live and catch up video, audio, radio and print media management for multichannel delivery to native and web apps.

  • Advertising delivery: Programmatic ad delivery with policy controls

  • Monetisation: Entitlements using PPV and subscriptions with identity and payment workflows. 

  • Reporting: Realtime and trend analysis across channels, content, audiences and revenues.

  • Infrastructure: Ingestion, encoding, transcoding, storage, auto scaling and CDN.

sourse media-mvne

End to end mobile virtual network enablement (MVNE) workflow management

  • Media-MVNO in-a-boxEnd to end MVNE platform for prepaid, postpaid telco service delivery.

  • Managed operations: Operations, infrastructure and technical services delivered 'as-a-service'. 

  • Integration: Prebuilt APIs for integration into third party services for fully automated sales and management.

  • Cloud hosting: Private and public cloud hosting, fully scalable globally. 

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