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Customer stories

OVO Mobile

Hybrid mobile telco and entertainment streaming service that is #ForTheFans (Australia).


Reinventing the traditional telecommunications model with an innovative content platform, OVO provides data free allowances for the consumption of entertainment and ‘OVO content’ for sports and entertainment fans. It also provides tailored phone and data solutions for the whole family. OVO operates on the Optus 4G Plus network. 



Since launching OVOPlay OTT apps with sourse.ai machine learning and AI driven personalized push video, OVO has:

  • Increased advertising CPMs by almost 7x, and

  • Increased average watch time (engagement) from 8 mins to over 45 mins

Australian Radio Network

This client is one of Australia's leading radio broadcasters.


Their radio, television and digital assets are loved by Australians across metro and regional geographies.

Their premium audio and visual brands are supported by leading social media, live events, video, online and mobile assets that deliver national and local entertainment and news content.



Since deploying sourse.ai machine learning and AI driven data collection, they have:

  • Linked listening user location to better target ads, and

  • Enabled complete tune-in/tune out analysis by show to understand performance