The AI platform for media, telecoms and the subscription economy
Our Story

We built Sourse for ourselves first. We loved Sourse so much we just had to share it with the world!

Our Vision

Our mission is to be the go-to AI platform for media, telecoms and subscription industries. Enabling brands to rapidly adopt and win with machine learning.


Cloud native, cloud first, built on the cloud, for the cloud. Our platform is built on the Google & Amazon clouds. 


Platform Features

Pre-built ingestions

Rapidly ingest data from key cloud systems of record including; Salesforce Sales, Service & Marketing clouds, Zuora, Zendesk, Brightcove and more...or use our API's.

Industry machine learning models

Apply our Telco & Media industry specific machine learning models including; acquisition, yield management, churn, uplift and more...

Competitor insights

Understand your performance relative to industry performance, including pricing, packaging, promos, inclusions, and audience behaviour.

Forecasting, prediction & scenario planning

What will changing the price do? What happened last time a competitor launched a product?

Move from reaction to prediction by using our advanced planning and prediction tools.

Pre-built execution

Execute machine learning driven actions at scale with integration into systems of execution including Zuora, Salesforce, Brightcove and Zendesk.

Anomaly detection 

Detect and be alerted to anomalies relative to forecast, seasonality, competitive behaviour and more.

Rapidly address deviations to plan in real time.

Contextual awareness

Go beyond clicks to real user contextual behaviour - at work, home, commuting. Deliver notifications when you can capture a users attention.

Recommendations & Personalisation

Presenting the right product, service or offer to the right person is key.

Use the Sourse recommender to hyper-personalise your user experience, be it sport, movies, TV or audio content.

Global Pay TV operator

"96% accuracy of recommendations"


Our Partners


The Team


Matt Jones



Tanya Hyams-Young

Chief Product Officer


Dedicated to customer success Matt, Tanya, Jeremy & James are all about our purpose, product, technical innovation and most importantly our clients outcomes. 


Jeremy Thomas

Chief Revenue Officer

James Hartwright Certus BW.png

James Hartwright

Chief Technology Officer


Doug & Seb bring our product and customer needs to life in the platform and capability. With PhD's in Physics and Computer Science the Engineering team love to see innovation in use. 


Doug Wright

Head of Integration & Data


Sebastien Ardon

Head of Platforms


Henrik Pertander

Head of Data Science


The beating heart of our platform is in our Data Science team. Henrik develops our leading ML algorithms.


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